What Is Fairy Hair All You Want To know

What Is Fairy Hair? All You Want To know

We’re still not over butterfly clips making a comeback, so we definitely weren’t prepared for the latest hair trend sweeping TikTok. Meet ‘fairy hair’ and if you’re thinking to yourself, “hmm, this looks familiar,” that’s because it was a Y2K staple. Remember decorating your locks in hair tinsel (especially when the crimping got to be too much)? So, the well-liked app is reviving some of the outdated trends.

So, what is fairy hair?

The process of getting “fairy hair” entails tying (or clipping) strands of tinsel into various sections of your hair. These metallic strings resemble temporary highlights or extensions that are brightly colored and shimmering.

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What Is Fairy Hair?

You can add fairy hair to your hair by attaching it strand by strand at the root. Fairy hair are brief, sparkly or iridescent hair strands.

Hair tinsel simply sheds with your natural hair, and it can last for two to eight weeks. It can withstand brushing, washing, and even curling or blow-drying as part of your regular hair care routine.

While fairy hair is fantastic for celebrations like holidays and parties, we also think it’s a lot of fun for everyday wear.

Where To Get Fairy Hair?

In many salons, you can have fairy hair added to your hair, but you can also do it yourself at home very easily. Once you’ve mastered it, you can have fun with hair tinsel whenever you like. Learning how to put it in only takes a few minutes.

It can be expensive to hire a professional to apply fairy hair. Only 5 to 10 strands of fairy hair typically cost at least $20 in salons. Doing it yourself is much more cost-effective.

Although I haven’t seen hair tinsel in shops, it is easily accessible on Amazon.

AMchoice Hair Tinsel is what we ordered. There are plenty of vibrant colors to use since the kit contains 2400 strands in 16 different colors. The installation process also comes with a tool, but we simply found it to be more convenient to carry out by hand.

There were 48 inches between each strand. If you have shorter hair, you can cut it in half so that you have even more available.

What You’ll Need

To make fairy hair, you only need a few simple materials that you probably already have at home and some hair tinsel.


  • Hair tinsel strands
  • A good detangling brush
  • A rat tail comb
  • Hair clips
  • Scissors

Since fairy hair can be really challenging to attach to extremely short hair, it works best on hair that is at least two inches long.

Any child, regardless of age, can have fairy hair. They can get fairy hair if they can remain still while it is being applied.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that due to children’s propensity for rapid hair loss, fairy hair may not last as long on them. See more about What Is Yaki Hair?

Where Did It Come From?

The tinsel technique was made popular by Beyoncé before it became popular on TikTok. The Lemonade singer rocked the look at the 52nd The 2010 Grammy Awards. Twelve years later, the trend is once again gaining traction. Several celebrities, including Kacey Musgraves, Meghan Thee Stallion, and Katy Perry, have totally embraced the hair tinsel trend.

Depending on who you ask, it was also the coolest (or the silliest) accent to wear back in the day to a birthday party, holiday get-together, or festival. This trend has come back, however, and is now popular among all age groups, not just young people and ultra-hip celebrities, thanks to TikTok. With a simple search for #fairyhair or #hairtinsel, you can find over 127 million views of various creators adorning their locks with tinsel in every color of the color wheel.

Why Is It So Popular?

As we previously stated, the well-known app has revived a variety of ’90s and ’00s hairstyles. It’s simple to understand why “fairy hair” in particular is being praised. If you want to quickly and damage-free spice up your hair, hair tinsel is a fantastic alternative. Without making the significant commitment required to dye or highlight your hair, you can give your strands some color. In comparison to adding glitter or colored chalk, it is also a cleaner option (and less embarrassing than feather extensions). Fairy hair, in essence, is the low-maintenance, vibrant accessory we can wear all year long and take off whenever we like.

What Is Fairy Hair All You Want To know
What Is Fairy Hair? All You Want To know

How Long Does Fairy Hair Last?

Fairy Hair can last for a day, a week, or even months. Due to the fact that it is attached to just one strand of hair, it will remain in your hair until that strand falls out.

If you brush your hair, the knot may get caught in the brush and pull the fairy hair out with it.

When applied to thicker hair, fairy hair typically lasts longer. Additionally, there are seasons of the year when hair sheds more frequently than at other times, so the fairy hair will also fall out at those times.

Will My Hair Still Blow Dry And Curl?

Yes, you can dye your hair, curl it, blow dry it, and perform any other routine hair care procedure on your Fairy Hair.

What About Adding Fairy Hair To My Own Hair?

Yes, even though it is difficult, it is possible with patience and perseverance. Watch the Fairy Hair tutorial video here.

Is Fairy Hair Only For Little Girls?

NO, older women are the ones who are most intrigued by Fairy Hair! Even more than the kids, they seem to adore it! The 92-year-old woman who received Fairy Hair at the oldest was hot pink!). Fairy Hair is beloved by women of all ages.

Tie Tinsel Into Your Hair

You can either hire a professional or attempt a do-it-yourself method at home to tie tinsel into your hair. Once you purchase a bulk pack of tinsel (you know, for some variety), you can follow the four steps below:

  1. Slip knot one piece of tinsel.
  2. Around the knot, wrap a brief section of hair with one to two strands for fine hair and two to four for thicker hair.
  3. Then, pull tightly, as closely as you can to the scalp. Tie the tinsel around two or three more times for a stronger knot.
  4. Repeat after trimming the tinsel to the length of your hair.

(Psst, if you need a visual, TikToker @sieling.j broke down the technique in a succinct but thorough video.)

Helpful Hair Tinsel Tips

Add some dry shampoo to the roots to add some texture if the hair tinsel is slipping down the hair and doesn’t seem to want to stay there. That should help it keep from moving

You desire your fairy hair to last as long as possible. To keep the knot in place, add a very small amount of eyelash glue.

Try not to let hair get too tangled to avoid having to tug on the fairy hair to untangle tangles, and be extra gentle when brushing hair to prevent pulling out your hair tinsel.

Pay close attention to the heat limitations for the hair tinsel brand you use. Certain brands have higher heat ratings than other brands. When using blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons to apply heat to our fairy hair, we used the lowest setting possible.

Remove Fairy Hair

Although fairy hair is a lot of fun, you might not want to wear it constantly.

Your fairy hair can easily be removed if you so choose. The majority of the time, it will also remove the hairs it is attached to, which can be a little uncomfortable.

Fairy hair can always be removed by cutting it out.

We discovered that some threads wore out on the first night of use while others lasted longer than average. However, we had so many on hand that it was very simple to replace them and carry on.

This was most likely caused by my inability to apply the first few strands properly. The ones we installed after I got the hang of it have endured significantly longer.

They have survived daily styling and even a few hair washes! When we have the complete lifespan of how long they last for us, we’ll update the post.


A single strand of hair is knotted to a very thin piece of tinsel using a hair weaving tool to create fairy hair.

It is the same kind of tool, just a little bit smaller, as if you had ever made a hook rug as a child.

Fairy hair is available in all colors of the rainbow. When people see Fairy Hair, they look at it twice because it is so thin that it appears to be growing out of your head!

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