How To Make Hair Shiny And Healthy: Simple Tips

Do you want shiny and healthy hair? No matter what the texture of your hair is, there are ways to improve its luster. In order to make your hair as bright as possible, develop a healthy and strong hair care habit.

Dry hair usually occurs when our scalp does not produce enough natural oils to moisturize our hair. For many people, this is hereditary, but it can also be caused by environmental stress, such as pollution, hairstyle, and aging. 

If you are looking for tips on how to moisturize your hair, especially dry hair, stop looking for it! We have compiled a list of tips for achieving perfect hair moisturizing.

The Right Way To Wash Your Hair

First of all, you should pay attention to the frequency of washing your hair, because washing too much does more harm than good. Then, once you take a shower, be sure to wash your hair twice. The first shampoo is used to clean the scalp and hair, and the second shampoo is more like a treatment. In addition, you should give yourself a gentle scalp massage, because this exercise will stimulate the blood flow of the scalp, thus bringing new blood cells to the area and helping to restore the roots of the hair. Finally, wash your hair with warm water.

Keep Away From Harmful Ingredients

Your hair is easily messed up by styling products, which will make your hair look less shiny and dull. We must be careful with the shampoo we use and know whether there are harmful products in it. Sulfate will deprive your hair of natural oil, which will make your hair look very dull, especially if you have dyed or chemically treated hair.

Simple Tips To Make Hair Shiny

Choose A Leave-In Over Heavy In-Shower Conditioners

Moisture is essential for healthy hair, yet conditioners have this drawback: When looking for bright hair, you don’t always want to use a heavy conditioner and you also don’t want to double condition. Sometimes thicker conditioners fail, leaving hair looking silly and heavy. “Double conditioning, in my opinion, is a waste of material. After conditioning, if you feel like you need more moisture, try a leave-in treatment “Townsend suggests. For your information, these are also known as shine enhancers, which is a general term for leave-ins including oils, serums, mists, and sprays.

Blast Your Hair With Cold Water After Washing It

No, it is no longer just an old wives’ tale. According to Outen, an icy bloodless bath rinse for the brave shuts down all the cuticles, causing them to lay flat so your strands will shine most. However, Townsend advises using warm water on your hair during conditioning in order to accomplish it correctly. “The dampness from the warm water will loosen the cuticle, allowing the conditioner’s vitamins to penetrate the cuticle and nourish the hair. After that, rinse away the conditioner while slathering the hair in bloodless water to seal the cuticle, seal the vitamins inside, and allow the hair to reflect light.”

shiny and healthy hair
how to make hair shiny and healthy

Focus On Your Scalp

In recent years, there has been a lot more convergence between hair care and skin care, especially with the increased focus on the scalp (which is additional skin, after all). According to Clariss Rubenstein, a celebrity hairstylist in Los Angeles, California, “human beings frequently attempt and fix a hair problem with a topical solution like hairspray or shine spray, while in reality, you want to get deeper to the source of the trouble (pun intended). On the sparkly side, previously reserved materials for our faces are now being used on our hair (again, pun intended). Try the Dove Hydration Spa Shampoo & Conditioner, which contains hyaluronic serum infused to bestow hydration and shine for 24 hours, as per Townsend’s recommendation for hyaluronic acid.

Apply A Clarifying Shampoo Or Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Once A Week

You might find yourself using a ton of shine boosters (see tip 1) every day in your quest for silky locks. However, a product overabundance may end up hurting your hair goals in an unexpected way. Maria Elizabeth, the owner, and creator of Salon deZEN, claims that all of that debris clogs up your hair follicles and stops your scalp from creating the herbal oils necessary to maintain a healthy mane. Try using a clarifying shampoo or an apple cider vinegar rinse, Rubenstein suggests, if you think your hair has built up to the point where it is foolish and no longer holds a style. Like a scalp reset, this removes all excess product buildup, problematic water residue, and pollution from the hair.

Try A Hair Oil Treatment

Utilizing hair oils is the easiest approach to enhance moisture levels because well-moisturized hair is naturally glossier. According to Townsend, “Oils close the cuticle to help imitate light.” Just be sure to use a tiny quantity at first because, according to Townsend, beautiful hair may quickly start to seem oily and even get drier if oil is used too frequently. Run the oil into your ends a few times per week, and then use a hot blow dryer to seal in the shine.

Brush Daily With A Boar Bristle Brush

While a hundred brush strokes can also be a bit extreme, Marsha Brady used to be on to something with her nightly hair routine. The sebaceous glands produce herbal oils to lubricate the scalp, and the use of your herbal scalp oils to share the sheen is a positive tactic for vibrant locks. The nice strategy? “Run a boar bristle brush via your hair each day to evenly distribute oil from the scalp to the ends. A boar bristle brush will shut the hair cuticle, which will assist create extra shine,” says Elizabeth.

Darken Your Hair Color

According to Outen, darker hair displays mild greater than translucent lighter tones. That would not suggest you have to commit to going all dark. “A bit of distinction with highlights can make your hair show up shinier (as adversarial to when it is one flat shade),” she says. “You can additionally deepen your hair shade with a semi-permanent color. Using a semi-permanent that sits on the outdoor of your hair strand fills up all the gaps in the cuticles so your strands will replicate mild extra evenly.”

Switch To A Silk Pillowcase

Despite the time period splendor of sleep, in actual life, we generally roll out of mattresses with bizarre grooves etched throughout our faces and hair this is visibly much less bright than it used to be the nighttime before. Not solely are silk pillowcases what you would think about Disney princesses sleep on, however, they additionally assist keep gloss stages so you wake up searching extra like one. “Silk reasons much less friction to your hair so napping on one will go away it searching smoother and more healthy come morning,” says Elizabeth.


  • Don’t brush your teeth too hard, which can lead to more split ends and headaches. (If you have long hair, it can also make your arms ache!) .
  • Try not to use too much shampoo or conditioner, which will only make your hair drier.
  • When you wash off your last-minute conditioner, simply wash and make sure you wash well enough so that only a small amount of conditioner remains on your head, and if you don’t, your hair will tangle and dry out and your hair will become stiff!


The article gives some simple tips to make hair shine. Besides, we still need  to attention to something: 

  • After hair care, let it stand for about five minutes, and then wash it with cold water or cold water to make the hair shiny. One hour before bathing, massage the oil onto the scalp, and then wash it.
  • Take a small travel comb with you in your backpack. You can go to the bathroom carefully and comb your hair quickly after the hat attack!
  • Adding conditioner at the last moment and then washing it off briefly will leave the excess conditioner on your hair, making you get smoother and richer effects in the shower.
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