Is Tree Hut Cruelty-Free - the Ultimate Guide

Is Tree Hut Cruelty-Free? – the Ultimate Guide [2023]

Curious about whether Tree Hut is cruelty-free? Read the post to find the best answer you want to know.

Tree Hut has confirmed that it is truly cruelty-free. Neither they nor any of their suppliers or other third parties test finished goods or ingredients on animals. Additionally, they don’t market their goods in jurisdictions where using animals for research is prohibited by law.

Is Tree Hut Cruelty-free? Yes!

That Tree Hut is cruelty-free makes me very happy. Tree Hut meets all the criteria to be a Logical Harmony Approved cruelty-free brand. None of their products have ever been subjected to animal testing. They do not sell in China’s retail establishments or in any markets that demand animal testing.

Does Tree Hut Test on Animals When Required by Law?

No, Tree Hut does not subject animals to testing unless mandated by law. Additionally, they don’t pay for any animal testing on their products that is mandated by law. Markets that demand animal testing are not ones that Tree Hut sells in.

Where is Tree Hut Sold?

Tree Hut products are currently available on their own website, Ulta, Walmart, Target, CVS, iHerb, and Amazon.

Here on Logical Harmony, you can find a full list of cruelty-free brands as well as shopping guides to help you find the cruelty-free brands at Dermstore, Ulta, Nordstrom, Sephora, Beauty Bay, Beautylish, Cult Beauty, and tons more. There are also lots of vegan product lists for cruelty-free brands too.

Is Tree Hut Cruelty-Free - the Ultimate Guide
Is Tree Hut Cruelty-Free? – the Ultimate Guide

How to Determine That Brands Like Tree Hut Are Cruelty-free?

To obtain brands’ complete animal testing policies, we speak with them directly about our inquiries. Brands are added to our cruelty-free list if they satisfactorily respond to all of our inquiries and guarantee that no animal testing occurs at any point during production or after. The information above has been verified by every brand we add.


Is Tree Hut Owned by a Parent Company That Tests on Animals?

No parent company that conducts animal testing is the owner of Tree Hut.

Is Tree Hut Sold Where Animal Testing is Required by Law?

No, Tree Hut is not marketed in jurisdictions where animal testing is mandated by law.

Is Tree Hut Certified Cruelty-free by Any Organizations?

Undoubtedly, Tree Hut has a Peta certification.

Is Tree Hut Vegan?

Since some of Tree Hut’s products still contain ingredients derived from animals, they are not entirely cruelty-free.

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