Can You Take Hair Clippers On A Plane Yes! Things You Should Know

Can You Take Hair Clippers On A Plane? Yes! (TSA Rules)

Can you take hair clippers on a plane? YES!

Hair clippers are acceptable for both carry-on and checked baggage, according to TSA regulations.

You might be wondering if you can bring hair clippers on a plane if you want to keep your hair looking sharp while you travel.

Continue reading, and I’ll give you more specifics on whether you can bring hair clippers on a flight.

Can You Take Hair Clippers On A Plane?

Domestic Vs. International Flights

As previously mentioned, both carry-on and checked bags are allowed to contain hair clippers, but does it matter if you’re traveling domestically or abroad?

The TSA may be in charge of overseeing air travel security in the USA, but they have no jurisdiction outside of the US.

Fortunately, you can pack hair clippers in both your carry-on and checked bags whether you’re traveling domestically within the USA or abroad to or from Canada, Mexico, the UK, Europe, or any other nation.

By Airline

All airlines abide by TSA guidelines when it comes to bringing hair clippers on board.

Consequently, you are free to bring your hair clippers on a plane in either your carry-on or checked bags whether you’re flying with Delta, United, JetBlue, Southwest, or any other regional or major airline.

TSA Hair Clippers Rules

Flying passengers’ safety is the responsibility of the transportation security administration.

Their primary responsibility is to keep explosives and weapons off of airplanes. Because of this, heavy objects that could be used as a bludgeon or liquids that could catch fire are kept under control.

Screenshot is taken from the TSA website describing hair clippers

Even though hair clippers have blades, the TSA does not view them as a threat.

Giving you a bad haircut is the worst thing a potential hijacker could do!

Therefore, you are allowed to bring hair clippers on a plane in your carry-on luggage, but keep in mind that the TSA officer always has the final say at the security checkpoint.

Hair clippers can be included in your checked luggage if you so choose. Your hair clippers are allowed in your checked bag even if they are cordless and powered by a lithium-ion battery.

I’ve cut my own hair in numerous hotel bathrooms using a Wahl hair clipper kit. In comparison to trying to communicate with a local barber, I find it much simpler to cut my own hair abroad.

Can You Take Hair Clippers On A Plane Yes! Things You Should Know
Can You Take Hair Clippers On A Plane? Yes! Things You Should Know

Can Check Clippers Or Pack Them In Your Carry-on?

Unsure of how to bring your clippers on a plane? We’ll go over some of the benefits of checking your clippers as opposed to putting them in your carry-on in this section. 

Check Hair Clippers

When in doubt, it’s sometimes best to check your clippers along with the rest of your luggage. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to aid in your decision-making. 


  • If you check your clippers in your luggage, the TSA personnel are less likely to forbid you from bringing them with you. 
  • Your carry-on will be freed up so you can put other items first by packing your clippers. 


  • You won’t be able to tidy up your facial hair or line up right away after stepping off the plane if you check your clippers. You’ll have to wait until after retrieving your luggage from the baggage claim, which might take some time. 

Bring Hair Clippers In Carry-on

Almost always, it seems more practical to pack a particular item in your carry-on. However, as you’ll see after reading the pros and cons listed below, this isn’t always the case. 


  • Bring your clippers in your carry-on to keep an eye on them during the flight, especially if they’re expensive or otherwise essential for your trip. 
  • If you pack your carry-on with the items, they are less likely to break. 


  • You can only fit so much in your carry-on, so unless you’ll need your clippers immediately after landing, they’ll be a waste of space. 

Are Your Clippers Safe In Checked Luggage?

Your hair clippers are largely secure in your checked luggage. Nevertheless, there is always a chance that your goods will be misplaced, taken, or harmed while in transit.

Your items might not always be handled with care because TSA agents handle a lot of passengers. Additionally, depending on your country of origin and destination, your items may be exposed to high or low temperatures. 

How To Pack Hair Clippers When Flying?

We advise that you put the hair clippers in a carrying case to protect them from harm, especially if you intend to bring them in your checked bag.

For even more security, it would be a good idea to sandwich the hair clippers between soft layers of clothing.

Best Pack Hair Clippers For Travel

Even though you have no control over how your checked hair clippers are handled, you can still take precautions to lessen the possibility of damage during transportation. If you want your hair clippers to last the trip, packing them properly is crucial. 

In your checked luggage, you can use the following advice to safeguard your clippers: 

  • Don’t forget to cover the clippers’ blades. In addition to safeguarding the hair clipper blades, doing this will prevent the razor-sharp blades from harming other items in your luggage. 
  • Put the clippers and any related attachments in a material bag or plastic storage container. The better the case, the harder and stronger it should be. The storage case we advise can be seen by clicking here. Either will aid in avoiding scratches as your luggage is jostled. An added bonus is if your material bag has a zipper. 

The above recommendations are still valid even if you’re packing your clippers in a carry-on.

You won’t have to be concerned that your clippers will get damaged if you have to put your carry-on in an airplane overhead bin. 

Can You Bring Hair Products On A Plane?

Haircare Products

The TSA 3-1-1 rule is applicable whether you want to bring hair gel, wax, mousse, paste, gel, pomade, hairspray, shampoo, or any other haircare product on a plane.

This means that the container cannot be larger than 3.4 oz/100 ml if you intend to pack the item in your carry-on bag.

No weight or size restrictions apply if you pack the item in your checked bag.

Hair Dryers, Straighteners & Curling Irons

Both your checked and carryon bags are allowed to contain a hair dryer when traveling by plane.

As long as they don’t contain batteries or gas or fuel cartridges, corded hair straighteners are permitted in both carry-on and checked baggage, according to the TSA.

Like cordless hair straighteners, only carry-on bags are permitted for cordless curling irons that are powered by lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries, butane, or gas.

Both your carry-on and checked bags are acceptable places to store corded curling irons.

Can You Bring Hair Products On A Plane
Can You Bring Hair Products On A Plane?

Can I Bring Beard Trimmer On A Plane?

Electric beard trimmers are typically acceptable in both your checked baggage and your carry-on.

See our advice on how to pack yours as well as our thorough beard trimmer reviews here.

Can I Bring My Shears And Scissors On A Plane?

Shears, scissors, and other cutting implements are acceptable carry-on baggage. But you must adhere to specific guidelines. The TSA states that “[scissors] must be packed in a carry-on with the pivot point less than 4 inches away.”

The junction of the two blades on your scissors serves as the pivot. Simply put, the TSA prohibits carrying scissors longer than 4 inches.

If you bring scissors on a flight, you must sheathe them or pack them safely. You don’t want the TSA employees to suffer any injuries while inspecting your luggage.

Other pointed objects, such as box cutters, knives, and needles, are allowed in checked baggage. You may not always be able to bring them in your carry-on bag, though.

Are Nail Clippers Permitted On A Plane?

Nail clippers are permitted in both checked and carry-on bags. The TSA typically permits small cosmetic items like hair and nail clippers. As long as they are shorter than four inches, you may also bring nail scissors.

Are Razors Permitted On A Plane?

In most cases, the answer is yes. For more information, see our comprehensive article on how to bring your razor on a plane.


Can You Take Hair Pins on a Plane?

Hair accessories such as bobby pins, metal clips, ties, wraps, and even bows may cause an alarm. Additionally, wigs, toppers, and particular hairdos like braids or a hair bun may be included. It’s best to keep things simple while going through security to prevent any potential delays.

Can I Bring Cordless Hair Clippers on a Plane?

You might be wondering if you can bring hair clippers on a plane on your upcoming flight if you want to keep your hair looking sharp while you travel. According to TSA regulations, you are allowed to bring hair clippers in both your carry on and checked bags.

Can You Take Hair Clippers on a Plane Ryanair?

Can I bring a hair clipper machine on a Ryanair flight in my carry-on luggage? Yes, you can take all three of your clippers.

Final Words

It’s practically a crime to travel without hair clippers. It makes sense that you would want to bring them on the plane with you.

However, because there are so many restrictions on carry-on items, it can be challenging to know if they are allowed.

Do you finally understand that you are permitted to bring hair clippers on a plane? Thank you so much for reading. In closing, have a great day!

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